Nussdorfer Herrenberg

Pieroth Heritage Line

The Pieroth Heritage line stands for a special selection of wines from German growing regions with a long tradition in our house. The tradition is based on the origins of the Pieroth family in the wine-growing region on the Nahe, dating back to 1675.

The development from a family winery to an international wine trade started in the 1920s under Ferdinand Pieroth and was especially promoted from the 1950s on by Elmar and Kuno Pieroth in many countries.

German quality and Prädikat wines with a predominantly fruity style and sometimes pronounced sweetness have always been very popular with our customers. The wines of the Pieroth Heritage line correspond to this wine style and also the labels continue the tradition with details of historical Pieroth labels.

The Heritage line is composed of two different editions: Pieroth Blue and Pieroth Tradition.

Pieroth Tradition

The “Pieroth Tradition” edition includes wines that do not come from the Nahe, but from other German growing regions. In addition to Mosel wines, the wines come primarily from the winegrowing regions of Rheinhessen and Pfalz. The arc from today to the past is spanned by the labels, whose yellow and red elements are based on the look of past decades and thus emphasize the tradition of these wines at Pieroth.


Alcohol12,5 vol. %
Grape varietalMüller-Thurgau