Cirò Classico Riserva DOC

The Ciró Classico Riserva is made from Gaglioppo, an autochthonous grape variety from Calabria. The region is one of the oldest viticulture areas of Italy and the wine tradition reaches back to the first Greek settlers. The Romans named the region Magna Graecia and this typical wine was enjoyed by the ancient Olympians to celebrate their success once they returned to their homeland.

The 2018 Cirò Classico Riserva DOC Dry is a bold and rich red wine from the Calabrian region of Italy. Produced with Gaglioppo grapes, it is a classic example of the region’s style. It is medium-bodied and lightly tannic with aromas and flavors of ripe dark cherries, licorice, dark chocolate and black pepper. The finish is long, smooth and balanced.

This full-bodied and robust wine pairs best with braised meats, roasted potatoes, and mature hard cheese. Best served at 16-18°C (60-64°F).

Wine Details

Alcohol13,5 vol. %
QualityD.O.C. + Riserva